Monica Bisignano Zamler

Brings Italy to Birmingham


Primi Piatti Market opened its' doors in the spring of 2011, and although the physical structure has remained the same, this charming Italian market has grown significantly. Every inch is a delight for both the eyes and the stomach, with the look and feel as though you had walked in off the streets of a small town in Italy. The shelves, racks, tables, and walls are filled with brightly colored ceramics, linens and glass from all over Italy including Murano, Veneto, Deruta, Tuscany, Vietri sul Mare, and Sicily.  Also stocked in the Market are unique specialty food items that Monica and her staff have hand picked for your enjoyment.

With each visit to Primi Piatti Market you will be treated with the fantastic aroma of something cooking, whether it's one of our homemade sauces, lasagna or meatballs, or one of the many delicious possibilities of our Tasting Tuesday events.

Monica and her staff would love to help you find what you need to make a delicious Italian meal at home, select a special gift, or find the best place for gelato in Florence.

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Though she grew up in Birmingham, Monica has always had a deep connection to Italy and dreamt of having her Italian roots play major role in her life. When she opened Primi Piatti Market, that dream was realized when she combined her passion for cooking with the Italian tradition of delicious food bringing people together.

One of her favorite parts of traveling through Italy is experiencing new foods and dishes she has never tried before. After each trip her Mother and her son, a chef at a Metro Detroit restaurant, compete to be the first to master the recreation of their favorite new dishes.

Monica has lost count of her many trips to Italy, and she has developed close friendships with the local artists and food producers that she works with. She recently purchased a home in Italy with her sister and brother-in-law, and is very much looking forward to continuing to shop the markets in Italy, and cook for her family in her beautiful kitchen.